Remington 22–250

The .22–250 Rem­ing­ton is a very high-veloc­i­ty (capa­ble of reach­ing over 4000 feet per sec­ond), short action, .22 cal­iber rifle car­tridge pri­mar­i­ly used for varmint hunt­ing and small game hunt­ing, though it finds occa­sion­al use on deer. This car­tridge is also some­times known as the 22 Varminter or the 22 Wotkyns Orig­i­nal Swift. Along with the .220 Swift, the .22–250 was one of the high-veloc­i­ty 22 cal­iber car­tridges that devel­oped a rep­u­ta­tion for remote wound­ing effects known as hydro­sta­t­ic shock in the late 1930s and ear­ly 1940s.

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