Remington .22LR Golden Bullet

A great val­ue and a great prod­uct: Rem­ing­ton High Veloc­i­ty Gold­en Bul­lets with 36 Grain Plat­ed Lead Hol­low Points at 1380 fps. They’re reli­able, accu­rate, and the price is hard to beat! Rab­bits beware.

No mat­ter what you put in your sights, Rem­ing­ton offers the per­fect 22 rim­fire ammu­ni­tion for any occa­sion. Rem­ing­ton rim­fire ammu­ni­tion deliv­ers the qual­i­ty you expect. That’s because we put the same lev­el of care into mak­ing our rim­fire ammu­ni­tion as we do our cen­ter­fire ammu­ni­tion, so you’ll get the max­i­mum per­for­mance from every shot. Whether it’s get­ting young shoot­ers start­ed, prac­tice plink­ing, small game hunt­ing or keep­ing match shoot­ers scor­ing high, Remington’s rim­fire qual­i­ty stands tall. As in our cen­ter­fire ammo, we put the max­i­mum lev­el of qual­i­ty into our .22s so you can get the max­i­mum per­for­mance out of them.

Muz­zle veloc­i­ty: 1280 fps
Veloc­i­ty at 50 yards: 1117 fps
Veloc­i­ty at 100 yards: 1010 fps
Muz­zle ener­gy: 131 ft/lbs
Ener­gy at 50 yards: 100 ft/lbs
Ener­gy at 100 yards: 82 ft/lbs
Uses: Plink­ing, Tar­get Shoot­ing, Small Game, Varmints

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