Desert Eagle Pistol

The Picatin­ny rail locat­ed on the bar­rel runs from the cham­ber area to right behind the front sight allow­ing the use of scope rings (option­al) and after­mar­ket optics.

  • The Desert Eagle Pis­tol is a gas-oper­at­ed, semi-auto­mat­ic pis­tol with a rotat­ing three lug bolt for pos­i­tive lock-up.
  • The bar­rel is locked in place, assur­ing a high degree of accu­ra­cy.
  • The polyg­o­nal rifling reduces bar­rel wear, is easy to clean and very accu­rate.
  • Anatom­i­cal­ly formed grip, ide­al hand seat­ing angle and com­fort­able grip dimen­sions per­mit rapid, accu­rate, instinc­tive shoot­ing. The Desert Eagle is designed for two-hand­ed shoot­ing.
  • The Desert Eagle Pis­tol fires stan­dard fac­to­ry ammu­ni­tion.
  • The Desert Eagle Pis­tol has an auto­mat­ic slide lock that holds the slide open after the last round is fired.


The safe­ty is ambidex­trous — it can be oper­at­ed by right-hand­ed and left-hand­ed shoot­ers.
When the safe­ty is on, the fir­ing pin is blocked, dis­con­nect­ing the trig­ger bar from the sear at the same time. Exten­sive test­ing has shown the Desert Eagle is safe from acci­den­tal fir­ing with safe­ty engaged.


Desert Eagle Pis­tols are man­u­fac­tured on the lat­est CNC (com­put­er numer­i­cal con­trolled) machines to exact­ing spec­i­fi­ca­tions and tight tol­er­ances or pre­ci­sion-cast and machined from high-qual­i­ty car­bon steel.


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