Hornady 6.8mm SPC


High Performance Hornady Bullets

Mil­lions of suc­cess­ful hunts have proven the accu­ra­cy and dead­ly knock­down pow­er of the famous Hor­nady Inter­Lock, SST and Inter­Bond bul­lets we load into every Hor­nady Cus­tom rifle car­tridge.


Each car­tridge is loaded to ensure opti­mal pres­sure, veloc­i­ty and con­sis­ten­cy, from lot to lot.

Highest Quality Brass

Much of the brass is made by Hor­nady, the rest care­ful­ly select­ed for reli­able feed­ing, cor­ro­sion resis­tance, hard­ness and the abil­i­ty to with­stand max­i­mum cham­ber pres­sure.


Like the pow­der, each primer is care­ful­ly matched to indi­vid­ual loads, and spe­cial­ly select­ed for their abil­i­ty to quick­ly, com­plete­ly and reli­ably ignite the pow­der charge.
Depend­ing on the cal­iber, Cus­tom ammo is loaded with Hor­nady SST, Inter­Bond, Inter­Lock or V-MAX bul­lets.

For more infor­ma­tion vis­it the manufacturer’s web site at www.Hornady.com


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